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Saftey is Everyone's Business

Safety is Everyone's Business!

I’m not the kind of person who sticks their nose into other people’s business.  And I try not to be judgmental about their behavior.  However, I was at a concert the other evening and next to me was a mother and her 10-year-old daughter.  In order to gain a better view of the stage, the girl was standing on her chair, which was not terribly stable.

Having attended enough safety seminars to know what is safe and what isn’t, I wanted to tell the mother that her daughter’s behavior was risky.  This was clearly the mother’s duty, not mine.  I spent a fair amount of time debating whether to express my concern or mind my own business.  I chose the latter; the girl never fell off the chair, and everyone went home safely.

Had that girl fallen off her chair and suffered a chipped tooth or a concussion, I would have blamed myself for not having had the courage to say something to her mother.

Later on, in thinking about my decision to say nothing, I decided that the next time such a situation presents itself, I will open my mouth and risk being told to “mind my own business”.  When it comes to safety, good manners should take a back seat. 

The next time you see an unsafe condition in your plant or at home, I hope you will speak up, even if it means offending someone.


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