Let us build it for you!

TSI Solutions is not just a distributor of automation components, we offer a variety of value-added services to help our customers apply technical automation solutions which improve equipment performance, production and processes. We employ a multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians uniquely positioned to provide engineering support, mechanical & electrical design, programming, assembly and installation services for industrial automation solutions.

By utilizing TSI Solutions’ assembly and kitting services you will gain a complementary group of skilled technicians equipped to build your technical assemblies. Instead of ordering, receiving, assembling and testing multiple components from various vendors, you can order a single part number to receive a custom solution, fully tested and ready to be installed onto your equipment.

Extend your capabilities by utilizing ours


TSI Control Panels

Electrical Assemblies and Control Panels

Whatever your requirements are, a single control box or multiple panels, our experienced technicians will see your project through to completion, on schedule, documented, and tested.

T-Slot Aluminum Kits     and Assemblies

Want to assemble it yourself?  No problem.  We'll cut-to-length, counter bore, miter cut, mill, bore, tap, label, and package all the pieces for your project and ship them to you.

Need a part custom machined?  Again, no problem.  Custom machining is one of our specialties.

Pneumatic Assemblies

TSI is a certified Festo Distributor Assembly Partner. We stock a wide array of pneumatic components and employ a team of skilled technicians to assemble application specific solutions including pneumatic circuits, solenoid valve manifolds and air-prep manifolds.

All products are assembled using Festo documented and approved assembly and testing processes.