Are your automations and machines running as efficiently as possible? Are old parts and air leaks costing you down time and money? TSI Solutions provides modernization and air leak audits to help improve your operations.

Machine Modernization Audits

  • Is your control system outdated and unsupported?
  • Do your mechanical systems need to be updated?
  • Are you using obsolete components and sourcing replacements from Ebay?
  • Are you concerned that your operators are exposed to machine hazards or outdated safety systems?
  • Are you still expected to meet production requirements regardless of the state of your equipment?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact TSI Solutions to schedule a free equipment optimization audit.

Our team of experts will audit your equipment and make recommendations for new components and sub-systems necessary to bring it up to modern standards. As an authorized distributor for world class brands including Festo, Piab, Bimba, Weintek, Banner, and Turck, we are experts when it comes to specifying and applying the latest automation technologies to improve existing equipment. In addition to distributing these components, we employ Electrical, Mechatronic, and Mechanical engineers to assist our customers with the proper selection, installation and startup of technical products.

Compressed Air Audits

TSI Solutions provides a 3-phase compressed air audit service to identify, document, and repair your air leaks. Compressing air is expensive, and leaks not only starve your machines, affecting equipment performance, but also waste energy and money.

Phase 1 - Identify:

A trained TSI professional will spend time onsite with a high-end Ultrasonic Air Leak Detection Sensor, walking lines and identifying areas with air leaks.

Phase 2 - Document:

A digital spreadsheet will be created noting all captured air leaks. It will provide location, description, photo, flow (SCFM), and associated cost of the leak.

Phase 3 - Repair:

As a direct source for pneumatic components, TSI can provide parts as well as contracted labor to repair identified air leaks, saving your business thousands per year. Repaired air leaks provide an instant ROI, allowing machines to run stronger and more efficiently.