Customized Solutions for Custom Problems


We are pleased to offer a variety of customizable solutions to many of your business needs. These include, but are not limited to:  T-slot aluminum extrusion assembly and kitting, cylinder cross-over services, pneumatic circuit design, machine safety and guarding, and product training. 

If you have a manufacturing production challenge that is keeping you up at night, take advantage of the automation expertise offered by TSI Solutions.  Call us today at 770-879-3500, e-mail us at, or click on the Live Chat button in the bottom right corner of your screen.


Our Services

  • Engineering Services -
    • Cylinder Cross-Over - Do you have a hard to find or outdated cylinder? Then our cylinder cross-over service is for you.  Let us help you find a suitable replacement. 
    • Lubrication System Design - Auto lube systems do not take vacations, sick days or call-ins.  They require no machine down time. They work while the machine is running. They do not over grease or under grease.  Let us help you design the best lubriction system  for you.
    • Pneumatic System Design We have considerable expertise in creating and deciphering pneumatic circuits. Our automation specialists and applications engineers have all gone through extensive factory training and they have access to the experts at such leading pneumatic manufacturers as Bimba, Festo, TRD, Piab, and Wilkerson.
  • Control Panel Design - TSI can specify, design and assemble UL-rated control cabinets for various uses including safety, servo, pneumatic, and wireless control panels.  Let us design the best solution for you.
  • T-Slot Extrusion Design and Installation - There is no limit to what we can help you build with T-Slot extrusions. We have  25+ years experience designing and assembling T-Slot projects. We produce an assembly or ready-to-build kit for you quicly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.
  • Value Add Assembly and KittingOur value add assembly and kitting services can be used to create air prep assemblies, air valve manifold assembly & testing, and t-slot frame assembly.  Partnering with our engineering team will solve your problems with a solution customized for your business.


Our Business Philosophy on Service

In order to be successful, we must sell our goods at a profit and still satisfy our customers. If we satisfy the customer but fail to make a profit, we will soon be out of business. If we make a profit but fail to satisfy the customer, we will soon be out of customers. The secret of doing both lies in one word: SERVICE.  At our core, TSI makes service a primary focus – we strive to be so valuable to our customers that they are glad to pay a price which allows us to continue to provide excellent service to the Georgia industrial automation market.