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Banner's new Snap Signal and DXMR90

Looking to pull IoT data from legacy sensor installations?

Banner Snap Signal IIoT Made Easy
The DXMR90 is a central component of Banner’s Snap Signal product portfolio. This industrial controller houses a processor that receives signals from sensors and other connected devices, through four dedicated Modbus ports. The DXMR90 combines all of these signals into one unified stream of insightful device data, which can be exported out through industrial Ethernet protocols.

The DXMR90 harnesses the power of the Industrial Internet of Things by combining Modbus signals into 24/7 condition monitoring data from machines and automated processes. If the captured data identifies activity that falls outside of user-customizable performance thresholds, operators receive immediate notifications. Those specific issues can then be addressed before they result in critical part failures or other problems that could halt or interrupt production.

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