Why TSI Solutions for your engineering assistance?


We specialize in customer solutions! We even put that in our name, TSI Solutions. Our engineers work in conjunction with our suppliers' engineers, and we are able to evaluate your industrial and automation needs, design and install custom-engineered solutions, and supply top quality accessories for all your commercial applications.


A few of our value add services...


Lubrication System Design

Auto lube systems do not take vacations, sick days or call-ins.  They require no machine down time. They work while the machine is running. They do not over grease or under grease.  Let us help you design the best lubrication system for you.


Cylinder Cross-Over Matching Service

Do you have an old or outdated cylinder? Having trouble finding a suitable replacement?

Visit cylinder cross-over page for instructions or email us at sales@tsisolutions.us with photos and your notes. 

Pneumatic System Design

We have considerable expertise in creating and deciphering pneumatic circuits. Our automation specialists and applications engineers have all gone through extensive factory training. We also have access to the experts at leading pneumatic manufacturers including: Bimba, Festo, TRD, Piab, and Wilkerson.