Seamless Automation from Control Cabinet to the Pipe



 TSI Solutions offers complete automation systems, from control cabinet to pipe, for steam, inert gases, water, cleaning solutions, and powder applications.

Whether you are looking for faster time to market, lower engineering costs, plug-and-play solutions, lower installation costs or lower maintenance effort, we offer our automation expertise backed by the most respected names in the industry, including Festo, Turck, Bimba and Graco.

From the Pipe to the Control Cabinet ...

World-class components for chemical, water treatment, pharmaceutical and food processing applications

Quarter Turn Actuator

Festo's quarter turn actuator DFPD is robust and durable and ready for low-demand and high-demand applications. Compact and modular, it is suitable for ball valves, butterfly valves or air damper and is easy to install even when space is at a premium.

  • Single- or double-acting for activating process valves
  • Suitable for high and low temperatures: -50 to +150°C
  • Available with epoxy coating for added resistance

Ball Valve

Festo's butterfly valve VZAV is the valve of choice in building systems or for water treatment. It is suitable for most shut-off applications and is highly resistant to corrosion wear, shock, resistance, high chemical resistance and non-stick properties due to its Ultralene Coating™. It features a replaceable liner for long life.

Control Cabinets

This ready-to-install solution combines both pneumatic and electric systems. This ensures you a backup game plan in critical situations. In case of pneumatic or electric power loss, a predefined system status can be achieved. Your benefits:

  • Ability to switch to local manual operation for maintenance
  • Reliable solution for safe on/off switching