Increase production and energy efficiency

Is your control system outdated and unsupported?
Do your mechanical systems need to be updated?
Are you using obsolete components and sourcing replacements from Ebay?
Are you concerned that your operators are exposed to machine hazards or outdated safety systems?
Are you still expected to meet production requirements regardless of the state of your equipment?
If you answered YES to any of these questions, contact TSI Solutions to schedule a free equipment optimization audit.

We have been helping manufacturers optimize the performance of their equipment since 1978. Our team of experts will audit your equipment and make recommendations for new components and sub-systems necessary to bring it up to modern standards. As an authorized distributor for world class brands including Siemens, Festo, Banner and Turck, we are experts when it comes to specifying and applying the latest automation technologies to improve existing equipment. In addition to distributing these components, we employ Electrical, Mechatronic, and Mechanical engineers to assist our customers with the proper selection, installation and startup of technical products. We leverage an extensive network of system integrators and Siemens Solution Partners for larger projects which may require dedicated onsite engineering resources and post sales support.


• Compressed Air Audits: Compressed air is expensive and typically the largest consumer of electricity in a manufacturing plant. Let us help you identify sources of waste and inefficiency. Contact us for information about TSI’s free compressed air assessment.

• Variable Frequency Drives (VFD): Reduce motor costs and prolong motor life with the use of VFD’s.  TSI represents Siemens extensive line of drives and motor starters. 

• Isolate Compressed Air From Machines When Not in Use: Install a large 3-way solenoid valve in the supply line going to a machine or production line. Send a signal to the solenoid to close the valve whenever power to the machine is shut off.

• Heat dissipation in electrical control panels:  Heat build-up in electrical panels is a major cause of downtime and inefficient operations of critical process and machine controls in an industrial facility.  Pfannenberg’s thermal management systems offer a variety of solutions, from simple fan cooling and packaged air conditioners to highly efficient water cooled units.

• Lower Your Air Pressure: Using compressed air at higher than required pressures for the application is wasteful and hard on equipment. Installing pressure regulators wherever you can is a simple and extremely cost-effective means of reducing energy costs. TSI is pleased to represent quality compressed air preparation components from Festo, Wilkerson, and Bimba|Mead.

• Compressed Air Piping:  Compressed air represents one of the largest opportunities for immediate energy savings. Plant management is often surprised to hear that compressed air can represent 20% – 50% of a plant’s electric bill. Using a specifically designed and efficient compressed air piping system can reduce a plant’s energy bill by 30% – 60% within 24 months.

The traditional medium for air lines, black iron pipe, is cheap to purchase but expensive to use. It is difficult to install and modify, is prone to leakage, and quickly develops rust and pipe scale on its inner walls. The answer is Parker Legris’ Transair aluminum piping system. It is lightweight, easy to install and modify, impervious to leaks, and will never develop rust or pipe scale.

Local power providers may offer incentives/rebates for facility owners to upgrade their compressed air systems to Transair piping. There are sites (such as that can give some program information. The key in maximizing an end user’s incentive is knowing how to document and measure the savings associated with your project and how it fits all the specific rules and regulations of the utility’s program.

• Energy Efficient Vacuum Pumps: Piab vacuum pumps are of the multi-stage, ejector type – a technology patented in 1973. These vacuum pumps were developed to provide extra vacuum flow in combination with deep maximum vacuum levels while keeping energy consumption at a minimum. Piab pumps have no moving parts that vibrate or wear out – important features that contribute to outstanding operational reliability and a noise-free working environment.

• Low Leakage Air Cylinders: Bimba/TRD Manufacturing offers a floating rod bearing in their tie-rod cylinders that helps compensate for misalignment and reduces wear around the rod bearing. This is a frequent cause of leakage in an air cylinder.