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Siemens Industry Inc. 1FK22054AF010MA0Z A21+M00+R04 - Siemens SIMOTICS S-1FK2 CT Servo Motor

Item #: 1FK22054AF010MA0Z A21+M00+R04
Manufacturer: Siemens Industry Inc.
Supplier Part #: 1FK22054AF010MA0-Z A21+M00+R04

M0=6 Nm; PN = 1.45 kW at nN=3000 rpm (380-480 V); PN = 0.86 kW at nN=1500 rpm (200-240 V); Degree of protection IP65; Cylindrical shaft D19x40 mm; Absolute encoder 22-bit + 12-bit Multi-turn (encoder AM22DQC); With OCC interface; Connector size M17, rotat
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