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Roxtec is a world leader in cable and pipe seals to protect lives and assets. Their seals protect against multiple risks in a variety of industries to ensure safety and operational reliability.

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Roxtec Com Seal 32/32

Item #: 105322
Manufacturer: Roxtec


Roxtec WEDGE 120 AISI316

Item #: ARW0001201021
Manufacturer: Roxtec


Roxtec GH 8x1 AISI316

Item #: 5GH0000008395
Manufacturer: Roxtec


Roxtec STAYPLATE 120 AISI316

Item #: ASP0001200021
Manufacturer: Roxtec


Roxtec RM 20w40

Item #: RM00120401000
Manufacturer: Roxtec