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Fortress Interlocks offers a range of safety interlocks that are suitable for applications across a wide industrial base including power generation and distribution, steel, automotive, recycling, building materials, food and beverage, robotics and palletizers.

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Fortress SS ML Key, Std. Cut

Item #: MLK-SUGS
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00016304

ML Stainless Steel Key, Uni-Directional, Standard Cut (Standard Gold Seal)


Item #: TN2T6EKL6SL411
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00054063

Slide Bar w/No Spring & No Internal Handle, LH Auto Head Assembly (No Tongue) Extracted Key, Module Adapter, Non IR, ML w/o Dustcover, No Key Short Lock, 24V Con 24V SOL, Std & Source, Key Override

Fortress Standard tGard Key

Item #: TKS
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: TKS

Fortress amGard Pro Lock Assembly

Item #: TA2T6SL461
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks

AT Toungue Actuator/Head Module; Left Hand Handling; No Lock Out Function; Short LOK Body; 24V

Fortress ML Master Key, Gold Seal

Item #: MLK-SUGM
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00016303

Master Cut Stainless Steel Master Key w/Gold Seal; Uni-Directional For use with all ML Locks

Fortress Master Key

Item #: MLK-SUS
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00035243

Stainless Steel Standard Cut Master Key, Uni-Directional w/Silver Seal

Fortress Safety Interlock

Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00053240

Head & Handle Actuator; Standard 60mm Internal Release; Option 2 PTL Solenoid & Safety Switch; 12 Terminal Safety & Control Selfwire

Fortress amGard Pro Assembly

Item #: TN4T6SL461
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00047553

Fortress AmGard Pro: Slide Bar, Right Hand, Power to Lock, 24V

Fortress 10 Meter Cable

Item #: CABLE-10M-D7
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks

Fortress Interlock Master Key

Item #: MLK-SUCS
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks

Fortress Master Key

Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks

Uni Directional, Coloured Seal and/or Bow, Standard Cut, Blue Seal

Fortress Interlocks SS Switch

Item #: S-MLSS-A02022
Manufacturer: Fortress Interlocks
Supplier Part #: ITM-00020876

20 Amp, 2x Normally Open, 2x Normally Closed Key Switch, Master Lock, Standard Dustcover, Panel Mounted
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