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ACE Shock Absorbers Motion Control & Vibration Damping

ACE Controls Industrial Shock Absorbers

Why use shock absorbers?

Automated manufacturing equipment is being pushed to produce more products faster than ever before.  These demands wreak havoc on mechanical systems through physical slamming and excessive vibration which leads to excessive noise, expensive damage to critical equipment, and ultimately mechanical failure.

These days, maintenance and engineering teams are deploying sophisticated vibration monitoring solutions to predict mechanical failures.  

Why not also take proactive measures to implement solutions which help to prevent failures to begin with?

ACE shock absorbers are a great way to ensure effective deceleration to maintain proper control of mechanical motion while increasing machine uptime, production quality and cycle times. 

Why Use ACE Industrial Shock Absorbers?

1. Increase Machine Life – The use of industrial shock absorbers significantly reduces shock and vibration to machinery. This eliminates machinery damage, reduces downtime and maintenance costs, while increasing machine life.

2. Higher Operating Speeds – Machines can be operated at higher speeds because industrial shock absorbers control deceleration of moving objects allowing production rates to increase and cycle times to decrease.

3. Improved Production Quality – Harmful byproducts of motion, such as vibration and destructive impact, are reduced or even eliminated, which allows for maintaining tighter tolerances and reducing quality defects.

4. Safer Machinery Operation – Industrial Shock absorbers provide predictable, reliable, and controlled deceleration which ultimately protect machine operators and expensive automated equipment. 

5. Competitive Edge – Machines become more valuable due to increased throughput, longer life, lower maintenance costs and safer operation.

ACE Controls miniature shock absorbers

TSI Solutions stocks a wide range of ACE shock absorbers including adjustable, self-compensating, and miniature shock absorbers to meet the demands of many applications.

Energy Absorption

All moving objects possess kinetic energy. The amount of energy is dependent upon weight and velocity. A mechanical device that produces forces diametrically opposed to the direction of motion must be used to bring a moving object to rest.


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