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Festo's Simplified Motion Series - Cost Effective and Easy to Use

Festo's Simplified Motion Series consists of various types of electric actuators coupled with a simple and easy-to-use integrated drive motor.  This is the electric alternative to pneumatic motion circuits the industry has been seeking for decades. This solutions allows for simple movement and positioning tasks without the usual commissioning process for traditional electric drive systems. Additionally, special motion characteristics such as cushioned end-of-stroke travel or simplified press-fitting and clamping functions can be achieved.

  • Simplified functionality for simple movements
  • A variety of movements thanks to different mechanical systems
  • Integrated products eliminate the need for a control cabinet
  • Quick and easy commissioning without software
  • No special expertise required for commissioning
  • Digital I/O (DIO) or IO-Link® integrated as standard

Basic profile for movement between two end positions – with speed control.

Expanded motion profile for simplified press-fitting and clamping functions – speed and force control.

Available basic functions can be set via digital I/O (DIO):

  • Speed and force
  • Reference end position and cushioning
  • End positions

Additional, extended functions are available via IO-Link®:

  • Remote setting of motion parameters
  • Copy and backup function for parameter transfer between drive and computer or from the computer to another identical drive
  • Reading functions of the process parameters


1. During commissioning, all relevant parameters can be set directly on the integrated drive. The parameters can be set easily and intuitively without extensive or complex operating instructions:

  • Speed for “out” and “in” movement
  • Force of the drive in the “out” position
  • Setting the reference end position
  • Setting the position "Start force-controlled movement"
  • Manual start by simulating DIO signals (similar to manual override)

2. Simple electrical connection via M12 plug design

  • Power (4-pin): power supply for the motor
    Logic (8-pin): control signal, sensor signal and power for the integrated electronics

Simplified Motion - Simply Explained

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