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Festo and Siemens Multi-Carrier-System

Greater freedom thanks to flexible transport

Modern production processes often necessitate replacement of the rigid concatenation associated with conventional transfer systems. You can make your production processes more flexible with our Multi-Carrier System. It provides the necessary freedom within your machine, while giving you a competitive edge in the market.

The MCS® puts an end to the rigid concatenation of conventional conveyor paths: it features a modular design and is freely scalable, allowing it to be smoothly combined with traditional conveyor technology within your system. The MCS® allows you to precisely adapt your machines to process requirements and a great variety of constellations, for example when products have to be changed over frequently on a given production line. Or if you’d like to combine different process cycle times within a single production line, i.e. wherever you have to keep your production processes as flexible as possible in order to optimize system utilization and react to requirements quickly. This promotes maximum efficiency with minimum effort.

Flexibility for your machine and your production department

  • Simple and, above all, fast retooling and changeovers for changing requirements and formats
  • Combinable with existing, conventional transfer systems and conveyor technology
  • Standardized for plastic chain and double belt conveyors supplied by renowned manufacturers
  • Entirely free inward and outward transfer of carriers and workpieces
  • Highly dynamic operation and high-speed combined with large carrier payloads
  • Freely selectable, individual acceleration, motion and grouping of the carriers
  • Scalable motion control system for MCS® and other machine modules

Format changeovers via software for continuous processing of different packaging formats on a single line

The MCS® permits format changeovers via software by simply pressing a button for continuous processing of different packaging formats on a single line.

Various sizes, the number of cartons and different product groupings are set up directly on the MCS® using the freely positionable carriers. The products to be packaged are also flexibly transported to the top loader or side loader via the MCS®.

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