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Piab Duraflex Range Expanded to Include Smaller Suction Cups

PIAB Expands DURAFLEX Range to Include Smaller Suction Cups

Courtesy of Piab USA, INC -

Duraflex BX small suction cups from PIABTo increase efficiency in the pick-and-place of small products, PIAB, a leading supplier of industrial vacuum technology, expands its range of DURAFLEX® BX suction cups to include three new models in small diameters. The new suction cups offer improved sealing capabilities for products with porous, uneven or textured surfaces, such as medical products and plastic or metal parts, allowing manufacturers to increase line productivity and reduce energy consumption.

The premium DURAFLEX® BX range now includes the new 10mm, 15mm and 20mm suction cup sizes (models BX10P, BX15P and BX20P). With this addition, the range is now available in eight diameters from 10mm to 110mm to handle a wider range of products and applications.

PIAB’s complete range of DURAFLEX® BX suction cups offers increased flexibility for product handling. They are more pliable to different materials than conventional suction cups, making them ideal for use in applications such as carton erecting, case and bin packing, palletizing, de-palletizing and rotary feeding in the packaging, pharmaceutical, plastic and consumer goods industries.

To further enhance manufacturing flexibility, the suction cups are available in single-hardness or dual-hardness versions. The unique dual-hardness suction cup combines a strong and stable bellow with a soft and flexible lip. This reduces downtime caused by dropped parts and allows manufacturers to run their machines at higher speeds, increasing production capacity. The DURAFLEX® BX range also features a strong, wear-resistant and elastic polyurethane material, ensuring durability.

Environmentally friendly, the small DURAFLEX® BX suction cups feature a separable fitting and a recyclable rubber. In addition, increased sealing capability reduces energy consumption as a smaller vacuum system with lower feed pressure is required compared to traditional suction cups.

“To meet consumer demand for a variety of product sizes, manufacturers are looking for vacuum solutions that offer full flexibility while also helping to enhance productivity and reduce costs,” said Josef Karbassi, Vice President Marketing and Communication, PIAB. “With the launch of our smallest DURAFLEX® BX suction cups, we are able to offer solutions for all product sizes across a wide range of applications and industries.”


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