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In applications with misalignment from fixed or rigid mounting, side loading can cause premature cylinder wear. Cylinders are meant to provide push and pull forces that are axial; loads that push the rod end in a lateral direction can wear the components, causing leaks and machine malfunctions.  


Bimba | TRD Alignment Couplers offer a cost-effective and efficient solution for cylinder-to-machine connections where misalignment can occur. Two coupler designs are offered: AC and ACH. They are manufactured from stress-proof steel as standard, or optionally in stainless steel, providing a solution for virtually any type of application. The couplers provide slight angular and lateral movement to reduce the negative effects of side loading to cylinder components. The ACH's hex design allows the coupler to be clamped (locked) to the piston rod, removing any need for a jam nut or roll pin to lock the coupler to the piston rod.


Product Features/Benefits

  • Provides up to 1 degree of spherical movement and 0.060" of lateral deviation
  • Wide range of imperial and metric thread sizes are offered as standard
  • Custom configurations of couplers combining imperial and metric threads are also available

Potential Applications:

  • Palletizers and product handling
  • Slide and diverter doors
  • Material pressing
  • Packaging feedlines

For dimensional and technical information about alignment couplers, please send an inquiry to our Sales Department ,

Standard AC Coupler

AC250 - AC5000

Metric AC Coupler 

MAC 250 - M4x0.7 - MAC750 - M20x1.5


ACH Coupler

ACH 250 - ACH1250


Stainless Steel

Standard AC Coupler

SS-AC250 - SS-AC1500






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