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Are You Ready for Predictive Maintenance




Are You Ready for Predictive Maintenance?

What exactly is predictive maintenance?  Simply it's the anticipation and detection of an emerging problem with a machine or an automation component before it fails and results in the dreaded "D"-word:  Downtime.

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With advancements in sensors and wireless technology, and the emergence of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), we've reached the point where it is both economical and fairly simple to monitor a wide range of activities in a manufacturing plant.


Example: Banner's vibration and temperature sensor, the QM42VT, can be mounted to a motor anywhere in a plant and readings can be transmitted wirelessly to a PLC or PC.  Vibrations outside the normal range can be detected before the motor fails catastrophically.

Are you interested in implementing predictive maintenance programs in your plant?  If so, please call me.  I welcome the opportunity to put my training and our products to work for you.

Best regards,
John Post, Jr.
VP, Sales

404-626-8935  |
P.S.  To view our complete offering of machine monitoring products, visit our E-Commerce website.

Product Focus: In-Stock at TSI


Banner TL70 Tower Lights


Check out the wide selection of modular tower lights we maintain in our inventory in Stone Mountain.  We offer blue, green, red and yellow status lights, as well as an adjustable, omni-directional audible module.

Want to transmit an alarm output remotely?  With Banner's popular SureCross® wireless architecture you can choose between one-way and two-way communication with a signal range of 0.6 to 2.0 miles, depending on your frequency.                         
For more information about Banner's tower lights, work lights, touch buttons and indicator lights, visit the Lighting and Indicators section of our new E-Commerce website.  The "Filter Your Search" function in the left-hand column will make it easy to find the exact item you need.


New Technology Spotlight


Pneumatic vs Electric Cylinders * 


The automation world has long been dominated by pneumatics. The main reason for this has been that the initial costs of pneumatic actuators can be up to 50% lower than that of electric actuators. However, over the years, electric automation products have come down in price and are growing at a faster rate than pneumatic products.  Each has its place and should always be determined by the requirements of the application. 

The following is a comparison of the two options, based on four variables: (1) position control, (2) speed control, (3) acceleration and deceleration, and (4) force control.

Pneumatic vs. Electric Cylinders_

Position Control
If multiple positions are required, the electric actuator is the hands-down choice.  If it's just extend-retract, then a pneumatic cylinder is probably the best choice.

Speed Control
For pneumatic actuators, the velocity can be varied but typically it's the same over the entire stroke of the actuator and can be adjusted using flow controls.  For electric actuators, the velocity is programmed and can be varied during the stroke as needed.

Generally speaking a pneumatic actuator will offer higher speeds per unit size than an electric equivalent.

Acceleration and Deceleration
The acceleration of a pneumatic actuator is controlled by airflow and pressure, whereas the deceleration is usually controlled by an air cushion at the end of stroke and can be adjusted via a needle valve.

The acceleration and deceleration of electric actuators can be set and changed as desired with the programming software.

Electric actuators have the advantage here as you have more absolute control over acceleration and deceleration.

Force Control
The force exerted by a pneumatic actuator depends on the size of the actuator and the air pressure supplied.

For an electric actuator, the force exerted depends on the type of actuator/motor combo and can be set using the programming software.

Pneumatic actuators will offer higher force per unit size than an electric equivalent. However, the electric actuator will allow you to change or vary the force over the distance of the stroke.

For help in specifying both electric and pneumatic actuators, please contact your TSI automation specialist, John Post  or call him at 404-626-8935.

* Thanks to Jason Seigler of Festo for his input on this article.


TSI Launches E-Commerce Website e-commerce website

If you have an account with us, please visit our new website today and register as a user.  You will be able to shop online for automation components, get YOUR pricing and availability, verify order status, request a quote, check purchase history and view invoices.

Our parts configurator is a terrific time saver.  It's in the left-hand column on each product page and allows you to drill down to the exact part number needed.  Check it out!


GA Manufacturing Alliance 


2017 People of Manufacturing Awards

Too often the people responsible for the profitability of our manufacturing plants go unrecognized.  Does your plant have a supervisor, plant manager, safety or operational team who has done exceptional work?  If so, it's time to celebrate them.  Click on one of the links below and fill out the two-page nomination form. 

Awards will be presented at the GMA Annual Summit on October 25 at the Cobb Galleria.

Front Line Leadership - Nomination Application
Plant Manager - Nomination Application
Team Safety - Nomination Application
Team Operational Excellence - Nomination Application

PLEASE NOTE:  Deadline for nominations is August 31, so download and complete the form today!


TSI Employee Spotlight


Harmony Hogan

Harmony Hogan

Harmony Hogan is one of the senior members of our Inside Sales staff, having recently celebrated her 6th anniversary with TSI. Her major area of focus is processing orders and quotes for our Value-Add assembly department.

When asked what she likes most about her job Harmony said, "I love that it doesn't feel like this is just a job; it feels like going to work for my second family. I am a helper deep down in my core. I want to help with everything I can! When customers call and can't figure something out or the immediate answer isn't an option, I can't wait to get into it and come up with something for them. And it's challenging because just about every situation is different, but that's what makes it fun. I'm looking forward to getting more familiar with T-Slot designing and helping create BOM's for the less complicated requests in order to be more helpful to our engineering department."

Outside of work, Harmony enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, trying new recipes, gardening and riding on the Harley with her husband.



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