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Listen to the Field – TSI Solutions 

In this month’s issue of the Larco Lowdown, we are introducing another installment of “Listen to the Field”. Periodically, we will highlight one of our channel partners or customers and ask them to share some of their insights and get to know them a little better. Topics may include an introduction to their company, a creative solution, or a safety application that they would like to share with the field. 

TSI Solutions (TSI) in Stone Mountain, GA was founded in 1978 as a distributor of air tools.  In the early 80’s we started representing various pneumatic automation lines and eventually took on electrical products in the late 1990’s. In 1991,TSI began selling T-slot aluminum extrusions which naturally led to an increased focus on machine safety applications. In addition to selling automation components, we employ a team of engineers and value-added assembly technicians that work with our sales engineers and customers to develop automation solutions ranging from machine safety to motion control.

Our top three product lines are Festo, Bimba and Turck. The Festo product line has had the largest impact on our growth as a company. We have been a Larco partner since 2007.

  • We displaced competitive safety mats which were failing throughout a customer’s facility due to high moisture content. The Larco design proved to be superior and eliminated a major issue for this customer.
  • We recently won the business at an OEM over a low-cost leader in the safety mat segment by utilizing Larco’s applications engineering and design team services. Leveraging Larco’s expertise to take a customer’s machine drawing and provide a mat layout helped us win a nice piece of business that is starting to repeat.

Larco products are a great complement to our other safety lines, as they offer unique solutions to safety applications where light curtains and hard guarding are either too expensive or impractical.

TSI adheres to the philosophy of “Find a niche and dominate it.” We know that we can’t be all things to all people, so TSI strives to focus on those products and services where we hold a competitive advantage. The area of machine safety is a niche that we are close to dominating in our region, thanks to the quality product lines we represent and our extensive experience in applying them. 

“Our biggest challenge is competing against on-line giants like Automation Direct, Grainger and McMaster-Carr. We are fighting back with the recent launch of our own E-commerce website that we feel is very competitive with the websites offered by the big guys,” says TSI President, Charles Post.

Our best customer is a medium-sized company that is progressive, eager to embrace process improvements and appreciates and rewards the services that a value-added distributor like TSI Solutions can provide.

We value all our suppliers, but especially those that are customer-focused, invest in training, and are constantly looking for ways to improve both the quality of their products and their service levels. We enjoy working with these suppliers to co-engineer and implement solutions for our customers.

John Post – Vice President, Sales


I want to send a personal thank you to Charles and John Post for contributing to this month's issue of the Larco Lowdown.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you would like to be part of a future issue of "Listen to the Field".

Best regards,

Steve Baker, Sales Manager




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