Why run cable when you can transmit data wirelessly across your plant? 

TSI Solutions’ applications engineers can assist you in selecting, specifying, and designing a wireless system for your unique application.


Wireless communications and transmission of data are now practical and affordable with a Banner Engineering SureCross™ Performance Wireless System. The SureCross™ system is a radio device network with integrated I/O that can operate in extreme & noisy environments while eliminating the need for costly wiring runs.

Application Examples:

Remote HVAC Controls

A Node installed on each production line monitors machine status. As each production line shuts down, the associated cooling units are also turned off to conserve energy and money.

Water Tower Level and Alarm

Using an ultrasonic sensor connected to a FlexPower Node ensures the levels are constantly monitored. When water levels fall, pumps move more water from the reservoir to the tower.

Call for Parts

As the needs of the production operators change, the wireless call-for-parts system is easy to move and reinstall.

Want more information or need help determining if wireless will work for you?  Contact David Grace, our senior applications engineer, at 770-580-1008 or email him at dgrace@4tsi.com.

For agricultural applications, visit our dedicated website, Wireless Automation Specialists.