Front of our office

Our Story

Since 1978 TSI Solutions has been helping Georgia manufacturers and machine builders optimize the performance of their equipment. We do this by offering the highest quality industrial automation components and systems, backed by responsive service and support, but what and who is TSI?

What Does TSI stand for?


T is for TECHNOLOGY – we stay on the forefront of current technology so we can offer our customers the most advanced products to help optimize the performance of their machines.
is for SERVICE – we strive to deliver on the highest standards of customer satisfaction so that every customer experience is a positive experience. Each of our customers is valued and our service levels indicate that.
I is for INNOVATION – we commit to helping create solutions to our customers’ business problems with an economical and value-add solution. We look past the problem and often help create custom, imaginative answers.


OUR Leadership Team 

John Post - President

John is a hard working, results driven person that desires to go beyond the expected and achieve operational excellence. Coupling his skills and talents with courage and innovation, John has the ability to propose a unique solution to almost any problem. However, he also enjoys collaboration and understands that two heads can be better than one. Of course, John never loses sight of why we work to begin with and always has fun along the way.

Tim Edmunds - CFO

Tim is a graduate of the University of Georgia with both a BBA in International Business and an MED in Sports Management. He is a dedicated family man and active supporter of his Georgia Bulldogs! Tim is detail-orientated and thorough, but he never loses site of the value of personal relationships.

Mission Statement

In order to strengthen the manufacturing sector in Georgia, we will provide our customers with the latest in industrial automation technology, while maintaining the highest possible levels of service and always looking towards the future and adapting to the evolving market demands. Additionally, we will provide our supplier partners with the widest possible market coverage, our employees a secure working environment and our shareholders a solid return on their investment.